The Massachusetts Voter Table (MVT) was formed in 2011 to build power among the “New American Majority” – low-income and working class, people of color, young people, women and new citizens.

As a coalition of community-based organizations led by this New American Majority, we are uniquely positioned to be a leading player in moving an economic and racial justice agenda in Massachusetts.

Core Principles

MVT is committed to a long-term organizing strategy that advances our vision of a more equitable and sustainable society at the intersection of civic engagement.  Our core principles are:

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1) Build capacity and leadership of our partner organizations


2) Increase voter participation to build power in our communities


3) Move a collective and power-building long-term agenda that addresses structural barriers to our civic engagement and that limits our ability to win on issues that advance racial and economic justice.

To advance the above principles, MVT:

  • Supports our partners to win issue-based campaigns and build the power of their constituents by building their capacity for year-round integrated civic engagement and use of data and targeting - utilizing the Voter Activation Network
  • Coordinates voter education, engagement and mobilization among partners to increase voter participation rates in our communities
  • Brings together MVT partners in analysis and decision-making around statewide campaigns that will advance our collective, long-term agenda for change

Together, from 2011 to 2015 we’ve reached out to over 600,000 voters  from Lynn to Springfield to Brockton to Boston. We have trained over 500 grassroots leaders and have influenced all levels of government, from municipal to federal. MVT partners made collective decisions on participating and supporting key local and statewide campaigns, such as the Community Preservation Act.

The MVT is part of the State Voices national network.

Our Impact in the 2014 Election


Our Staff

Beth Huang
Interim director

Beth is the Interim Director at the Massachusetts Voter Table. Prior to joining MVT as the Field Coordinator in 2016, Beth worked at Jobs With Justice and the U.S. Student Association as the National Coordinator of the Student Labor Action Project, where she trained student organizers how to run strategic issue campaigns and forge partnerships with labor unions and community organizations. Beth continues to train with the Midwest Academy. She hails from Wisconsin, where she became politicized through fights for workers' rights and racial justice. Beth served as the chair of the Board of Directors of United Council of University of Wisconsin Students, helping lead a statewide non-partisan voter education effort on over 20 campuses. Beth holds a bachelors of science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jordan Brandt
Data and Targeting Manager

Since September 2013, Jordan Brandt has served as the Data Manager of the Massachusetts Voter Table and of Mass Alliance. Prior to working with the Voter Table and Mass Alliance, Jordan worked as the Targeting and Data Director of the Montana Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign, where he oversaw all data operations for one of the major US Senate races in the country, as well as other local and statewide races. Prior to that, he had been the Data Director for Mass Uniting in Massachusetts. Before focusing on targeting and data, Jordan spent 6 years as an organizer for political campaigns and organizations, including as Regional Field Director for the Nevada State Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign, Regional Organizer for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party, and Minnesota State Field Director of Rock the Vote.

Steering Committee

Carlha Toussaint
Organizer, Coalition for Social Justice

Cortina Vann
Community Organizer, Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance

Barbara Rice
Community Organizer, Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance

Carolyn Villers
Executive Director, Massachusetts Senior Action Council

Cheryl Crawford
Executive Director, MassVOTE

Maria Elena Letona, Co-Madre
Executive Director, Neighbor to Neighbor MA

Mimi Ramos 
Executive Director, New England United for Justice



Contact Us

(617) 506 9787

89 South St
Boston, MA, 02111